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SIBOOM is a search engine for prices and offers on the web and physical stores,
a powerful research tool but above all a WEB Marketing and Promotion TOOL for retailers.
Millions of offers proposed by thousands of online shops selected and advertised on the SIBOOM network,
give the possibility to web buyers to compare in a few moments the best offers on the web both from PCs, TVs, tablets and mobile devices.
SIBOOM is a pre-purchase reference point that helps in the choice of shops and products.

2) Terms of Use:

Registration is free, but does not allow the insertion of multiple products, upon payment of the chosen membership plan.
Shops and products for adults are prohibited and will not be allowed.
Products that may offend intellectually or morally are prohibited.
Each registered shop must have a VAT number.
Each product inserted must have a photo, price, title, description, price and link to the product that can be purchased.
3) Membership Plans & Product Advertisements:

Products can be entered upon registration and choice of a membership plan.
Membership plans are paid for and have different features and costs depending on the plan.
Membership plans are prepaid, and are activated upon payment.
The costs of the membership plans may change without notice, the costs of the purchased membership plan remain unchanged until the pre-purchased redirects are exhausted.

Max Products: 50.000
Max Products: 100.000
Max Products: 1.000.000
4) Costs:

Costs may vary depending on the desired daily BUDGET amount.
The costs are calculated by clicking on the advertisement and redirecting to the desired link.
You decide how much to spend per day, for each store is its set of product listings.

STORE 1 (with 10 product listings): Daily budget -> 3.00 €
STORE 2 (with 60 product listings): Daily budget -> 5.00 €


* the maximum daily spend does not guarantee full coverage of ad requests,
therefore it is not guaranteed that the maximum BUDGET will be reached every day.
You will be charged from your prepaid account balance or chosen Membership plan.
5) Payments

Payments can be made in the following ways:
  • PayPal (Credit Card)
  • Bank transfer
6) Statistics and click count:

The clicks are counted by algorithms and functions designed to give maximum security to the advertiser.
Double clicks, repeated or generated by the same IP within 30 minutes are stronato and not counted.
The statistics are available at any time and are always updated at the same time.
7) Product insertion:

Products can be entered manually.
Products can be inserted in bulk via DataFeed.
8) Features Data Feed:
Feeds with missing images or other data essential for indexing on the platform are not allowed.

Feeds can be in CSV or XML format
Feeds may contain categories not present on SIBOOM
Order and Header of CSV datafeeds: Download sample CSV

Column delimiter: |
The category column can contain subcategories: Category 1 > Category 2 > Category 3
Columns that can remain empty: Shipping times | Category | Original price | MNP code | Sizes | Color | Quantity | Weight
Order and Header of XML datafeeds: Download sample XML
<title><![CDATA[ Diesel Men's Black Stainless-Steel Analog Watch with Black Dial ]]></title>
<description>Cutting edge style watch with a matte black plastic round case, matte black dial...</description>
<price>105.29 EUR</price>
<sale_price>60.00 EUR</sale_price>
<availability>in stock</availability>
<shipping_weight>1.5 oz</shipping_weight>
<price>0.00 EUR</price>
<category>Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches</category>
<product_type>accessories > watches</product_type>
<unit_pricing_measure>500 ml</unit_pricing_measure>

The category column can contain subcategories: Category 1 > Category 2 > Category 3
10) Authorization

Upon registration, the Online Shop assigns with this agreement to SIBOOM free of charge and for the entire duration of the
this Agreement the non-exclusive right in the territory to organize, reproduce, publicly display, publish and
use the Online Store Content on the SIBOOM Network (alone or in conjunction with other links and affiliate sites);
Reproduce, transmit, publicly display and / or distribute the Online Store Content as part of the
SIBOOM Network; Develop and operate the Links on the SIBOOM Network that allow Users to access the
Online Store Site; and use, reproduce, organize and publicly display the Online Store's trademarks, logos,
slogans, trade and service names in the related connections.
The Online Store will provide the Content to SIBOOM in accordance with the technical specifications provided by SIBOOM
itself, as set forth in the document on this page (https://promo-siboom.it/en/index.php?condizioni),
which may be modified at any time by SIBOOM as per communication that SIBOOM will send to the company Online shop. By joining a membership plan you give SIBOOM the right to use the data and information (including the Content of the
Online Store) that are in the public domain will not be limited by any aspect or this Agreement.
11) Ads Distribution Channels:

Offers from product feeds are distributed on the following channels:

  • Web site SIBOOM
  • Email SIBOOM Price Alerts
  • SIBOOM Android App
  • SIBOOM Google Chrome extension
  • Google CSS - Shopping ADS - Search Network - Youtube - Gmail - Discover
  • Bing Product ADS
  • Facebook ADS
  • Istagram ADS
  • Siboom Qualified Partners
12) Account Closure:

At any time you can decide to close your Merchant account on SIBOOM forever.
All your shops and listings will be removed from internal search results.
The remaining balance of the account is neither refundable nor cumulative.
13) Legal Notes

Finally, SIBOOM is in no way responsible for any and all damage or prejudice related to the use of the information,
of the products and services published on the SIBOOM Site. These General Conditions and the relations between SIBOOM and the User are governed by the law of the Italian Republic.
Any dispute concerning, arising from or otherwise connected to these TOS or the use of the
Service will be remitted to the jurisdiction of the Court defined by the applicable rules on consumer services (Legislative Decree 205/2006 Consumer Code, IT).
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